MIMS Android

MIMS Android is the latest addition to MIMS New Zealand product suite. You will have access to the most comprehensive list of New Zealand approved medicines from MIMS.

MIMS Institution users - please use this form to request your MIMS Android login details.

Tap on the link below to find MIMS Android on Google Play Store:
Google Play Store link

Alternatively, search for keywords "MIMS Android" through Google Play Store on your Android device or Mac/ PC.


MIMS Android has many of the features you are already familiar with such as:
* Abbreviated product information
The MIMS editorial team use proprietary editorial standards to compile abbreviated product-based information. Data is supplied on all commonly prescribed, and commonly used over-the-counter and alternative products available in New Zealand. Information such as dosage, pack, use, indications, contraindications, precautions and comprehensive subsidy information are available.
* Drug interactions
MIMS Interactions is an evidence-based decision support tool that allows you to search for interactions between two or more (prescription and over-the-counter) medications.

Please contact MIMS Support Desk (0508 464 676) for more information or a subscription to MIMS Android.

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