MIMS Integrated (Audit4)

Your MIMS Integrated data subscription includes access to the following three products:
MIMS Quick Reference, MIMS DrugAlert and MIMS AllergyAlert.

S4S deliver advanced clinical management software tools for medical specialists and their clinics. Our tools improve the efficiency of your work practices and provide sophisticated research capabilities, while improving your ability to provide a high standard of patient care. Our primary software product, Audit4, is a Clinical Management Application designed by medical Specialists, for medical Specialists. Audit4 offers a comprehensive set of tools to track clinical data, providing the ability to run complex Audits which can retrieve large volumes of data based on specific indicators. Audit4 leverages MIMS Integrated to obtain detailed drug prescribing and reference information against clinical records.

For a demonstration, please fill out the demonstration request form on the S4S website.

MIMS Integrated (Audit4) subscription offer

The following subscription packages are offered to MIMS Integrated (Audit4) users in New Zealand. Contact 0508 464 676 to subscribe.

:: Specialist practices in New Zealand

    MIMS Integrated - access to all fields of MIMS Quick Reference, DrugAlert and AllergyAlert and any associated third party material distributed with MIMS. Subscription cost is calculated per practice. Please contact MIMS Support on 0508 464 676 or support@mims.co.nz to subscribe.


Technical support for issues regarding the use of the Audit4 prescribing module is provided by the S4S helpdesk on 04 831 0742 or support@s4s.com.au.

Subscription and editorial enquiries are handled by MIMS User Support on 0508 464 676 or support@mims.co.nz

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