MIMS Privacy Policy

MIMS (NZ) Ltd, the publisher of MIMS, is committed to protect your privacy. We want to build a high level of trust with our readers and comply completely with the principles of the Privacy Act (1993). This document discloses how we gather information about you and what we do with the information that we gather.

:: Will we send you unsolicited messages?

No. We will only contact you when you have chosen to be notified by this service.

:: Will we share your personal information with others?

No. We will not sell, lease or give your personal details to any third party without your consent.

:: What will we do with the personal information you provide?

We ask for a minimum of personal information. We will use the details you choose to provide to keep you up-to-date with the latest news from MIMS.

:: How can you be removed from our database?

Please contact support@mims.co.nz.

Our physical address is 11 Omana Road, Takapuna, Auckland and phone number is +64 9 488 4285.

If you have any questions about MIMS New Zealand Limited's privacy or security measures please contact:

Robert Best
Country Manager

+61 2 9902 7700

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